Quiet in all stages.

Powerful pumping for high viscosity liquids.


Reversible flow ideal for cleaning cycles.

Self priming with excellent vacuum capability.

Multiple NSF diaphragm options.

Can pump air,

liquids and debris.

No maintenance required or tubing changes.

Rotary Diaphragm Technology

Why Choose Rotary Diaphragm?

The patented rotary diaphragm technology has a revolutionary pumping principle. The flow is initiated by an eccentrically mounted bearing on a drive shaft which revolves within a flexible diaphragm.

As the shaft rotates, the bearing flexes the diaphragm, squeezing liquid through the pump. 



The Rotary Diaphragm (RD) pumping principle is perfectly suited

to operating with high viscosity/awkward to pump substances. It’s valve-less design handles debris such as rind or pip particulates, often found in fruit-based purees, with complete ease and has been tested and verified to run with substances up to 17,000 centipoise in viscosity. It’s this complete ability to manage high viscosity substances that make our RD pumps ideal for syrup dispense or BIB equipment, enabling users to work with higher concentrate syrups resulting in

less regular ‘refilling intervals’.


Diaphragm Technology

The major advantage of the diaphragm pump is that the pumping chamber is totally sealed and, therefore, does not require a sliding seal between moving parts. Vacuum and pressure are produced by the flexing of the diaphragm back and forth in the chamber.

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