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Why Choose Us

Synchronous motor technology offers more compact pump without sound complaints from gearbox.

The reinforced diaphragm material offers significant reliability advantages over existing solenoid technology.

Has the ability to pump highly viscous liquids while maintaining its performance such as honey and custard. 

Key Features

Pumps Debris

The patented Rotary Diaphragm technology is one of few pumping principles on the market

that can pump suspended solids and pulps making it great for juice pumping and smoothie vending.

Run Dry

The patented Rotary Diaphragm technology,

has the ability to run dry, enabling it to remove any liquids and reduce the likelihood of organic

growth inside the tubing.

Viscus Pumping

The unique ability to pump the increasingly viscous syrups used to produce soft drinks from cellar to the bar, without the need for compressed Air/Gas connections, pressure regulations and associated installation cost.

About The Pumps

Charles Austen Pumps Ltd are at the forefront of technology in the beverage dispense sector.  Our patented rotary diaphragm (RD) liquid pump technology uniquely and efficiently delivers syrups, coffees, smoothies and Bag In Box (BIB) flavours at up to

17000 centipoise.

The patented RD technology is self-priming and offers flow rates from a few millilitres up to 5 l/min.  There are BLDC options available which can be programmable for the vend, along with dosing and stepper pump options. All the RD pump range can incorporate a cleaning cycle as the pump direction can be

reversed which is ideal when pumping contents such as milk.

These liquid pumps are a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly substitute to CO2 pumps and can be used as an alternative to high pressure BIB pumps, by simply changing the cycle to pull the media from the bag. *Models have both NSF and EU food approval.

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Charles Austen Pumps Ltd continuously delivers products that are at the leading edge of technical development. Driven by a desire to provide innovative pumps to a number of markets, Charles Austen pumps are designed with the consumer in mind, to ensure consistent benefits are delivered in a range of applications.

Rotary Diaphragm Pumps

The patented rotary diaphragm technology has a revolutionary pumping principle. The flow of liquid is initiated by an eccentrically mounted bearing on a drive shaft which revolves within

a flexible diaphragm.

Diaphragm Pumps

The major advantage of the diaphragm pump is that the pumping chamber is totally sealed and, therefore, does not require a sliding seal between moving parts.

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Will It Pump ?

A challenging series where our pumps are put to the test. The "Will It Pump ?" Series demonstrates the immense capabilities of the Bevrolution range and showcases the pump's ability to propel increasingly viscous substances. 


EU Food Approved


NSF Approved

51 & 61

ISBT Members

Speak With Our Experts

Interested in any of our pumps? Speak with 
the members of our sales team.

+44 (0)1932 355 277

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